Getting arrested can be a life-altering experience. It is vital to have an experienced criminal defense attorney handling your case. Raul Cabrera supports his clients throughout the entire process from arraignment to bail hearings to defending you in court, and will be by your side helping you to navigate the Florida legal system.
When faced with changes in the family structure; divorce, child custody, marriage and paternity, difficulties and legal battles can arise. Facing the Family Court system can be overwhelming and stressful.  Our office provides affordable and honest representation during these tough times.  We help parents and grandparents fight for custody, child support, and visitation.
 Attorney Raul Cabrera has your back. He steps in, talks to the insurance companies, and helps you go through all the requirements that they demand. Counselor Cabrera has the experience and understanding to help you through this difficult time. An accident is a traumatic experience - don't be afraid to ask for help!
Cabrera Law Group specializes in US Immigration Law. We help clients in Tampa Bay faced with nationalization and immigration issues with bilingual attorneys, fluent in both Spanish and English. Our experienced attorneys will discuss your options and alternatives in a way that you can understand and help you through each stage of the process. We also offer immigrants charged with a crime the unique understanding of immigration law and criminal defense. A guilty plea and conviction can impact a noncitizen's immigration status. Even pleading down to a misdemeanor offense without serving jail time can result in deportation.   
In addition to our specializations, Cabrera Law Group also handles slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice, motorcycle accidents, and bankruptcy cases.  Contact our office at any time to find the right representation for you!
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